23rd Jan, 2013

You can build your towering house in Fort Erie!

A loophole allows construction of monster-tall houses in Fort Erie, since the Town of Fort Erie housing bylaw defines the height of a Fort Erie house as 2 storeys, rather than a measurement defined in feet or meters.  Most municipalities in the Niagara Ontario region restrict home height to a certain footage, not storeys, and Fort Erie ON may soon follow suit.

Large Lake Erie Homes For SaleAn average two-storey house is 26 feet.  The Town of Fort Erie recently received an application to build a house that was to be a towering 60 feet tall! Because it was still technically only 2 storeys, it would be within the height allowance even though it would be outrageously taller than all of surrounding homes. The height would allow the resident to have a view of the river over top of the neighbouring homes.

The Town of Fort Erie has a height restriction on garages and other attached structures, but not the size of the house.

If you want to build the impressive Lake Erie-view or Niagara River-view tower you’ve been dreaming of, you’d better do it soon, since the Town of Fort Erie is now trying to remedy this with a zoning bylaw removing the notion of ‘storeys.’

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