22nd Feb, 2013

What to bring with you on your Niagara house hunt

A day spent touring homes for sale can be stressful and exhausting. Be prepared with D. W. Howard Realty‘s handy home buyer checklist, next time you set out to view Niagara Falls homes for sale, Port Colborne waterfront homes, Fort Erie ON Canada homes.

√ A tape measure. Especially once you’ve narrowed down your search, to see if your current furniture will fit the new space.

√ A list of your needs and wants.

√ A camera. Taking photos will help jog your memory of each property. Please remember to respect the seller’s privacy.

√ A pen and paper. It helps to jot down what you liked, what you would change, and questions you want to ask about each home that you visit.

√ A real estate salesperson. Your agent will save you time and energy by narrowing your home search, keeping you focused, and relieving much of the stress. A good agent will explain items such as closing costs that affect your purchase decision. Click here to learn more about our D. W. Howard Realty team and how we can help you with your Niagara Ontario Canada house search.

We also have some excellent etiquette tips to keep in mind when visiting open houses.

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