13th Oct, 2012

Using a Realtor vs. doing a private deal

A Realtor knows the current market conditions, and stays up-to-date daily with news and changes that would affect your purchase or sale. We can help you prepare  and choose the best time to put your home up for sale to ensure a quick sale at the highest possible price.

A Realtor has expert local knowledge, specific to the geographic area. That’s why we often refer out-of-town business to other agents that would be able to serve you better. And why buyers call on us to help them navigate the issues specific to the Fort Erie lakefront: septic systems, erosion issues, beach quality, etc.

A Realtor has access to the MLS system, ensuring your listing is seen by as many other agents and potential buyers as possible!

A Realtor takes the stress out of negotiating, and have expert bargaining strategies to help you work out a deal. Strong emotions can be involved, so we can help you view a property more objectively.


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