21st Feb, 2013

Simple home staging ideas that make all the difference when selling your home

If you are thinking of putting your Niagara home for sale on the real estate market, D. W. Howard Realty of Ridgeway ON Canada has some home staging suggestions that will make your house for sale more appealing to a potential buyer.

Niagara home staging

The trick is to create an environment that speaks about the space and how it can be used, and doesn’t distract home buyers with personal items that tell too much about the home’s occupants.

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– Remove all personal items from display, including photos, fridge decor, awards. Buyers should be able to picture themselves in your home.

– Arrange furniture to give a feeling of spaciousness. Place 2 chairs instead of 4 at the table. Add a mirror. Remove knick knacks from a shelf and replace them with one simple object.

– Choose neutral solid colours for bed & bath linens.

– Open window coverings and add extra lighting.

– Place furniture to give a sense of how the space could be used, such as 2 patio chairs on a front porch.

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Contact D. W. Howard Realty now for more information on staging your home, and for a recommendation of a professional home stager in the Niagara Falls, Fort Erie ON, Ridgeway, or Port Colborne ON Canada areas who can provide an objective opinion.



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