15th Apr, 2013

Septic Updates & Inspections Wainfleet Ontario

Septic Updates & Inspections Wainfleet Ontario:  D. W. Howard Realty is pleased to inform our Fort Erie & Port Colborne ON real estate buyers and sellers that area of Lake Erie long suspected of contributing large amounts of untreated waste to our lake has now taken a very positive change to correct the problem. Municipality mandated testing begins immediately and any improper septic systems must be replaced with holding tanks.

This is truly a great solution and will have a very real effect on reduced pollution to Lake Erie and related algae growth.

Here are other noteworthy updates as of April 15th 2013 to the Wainfleet Septic Updates/Inspections announcement:

– Septic inspections will begin in April 2013 by global engineering firm EXP Services with an office in Thorold Ontario.

– Inspections will cost the property owner $114 ($76 for the inspection fee to EXP and $38 to the Township for processing the information into a database.)

-ONLY exception is if the property owner has had permitted work done on their septic system in the last 36 months, but still pays the $38.00 for the Township of Wainfleet to process the data.

– If the invoice received by the property owner after the inspection has not been paid in 30 days, the Township of Wainfleet will bill the property owner on their property taxes.

– Septic inspections can still be done (on a limited basis) with frozen ground and snow cover.

Good luck to all Wainfleet residents who are on septic systems, and thank you from all of us who enjoy the lake and all its vast riches.


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