23rd Feb, 2013

Prepare to sell your Niagara Ontario home with these stress-reducing tips

So you’ve decided to list your Niagara ON CA home for sale, congratulations! It can be difficult to detach yourself from your place & space, but D. W. Howard Realty of Ridgeway ON has some great advice to help you prepare your home for sale. Contact D. W. Howard Realty now for a no-obligation Opinion of Value report of what your Fort Erie ON, Port Colborne homes, Niagara Falls homes, or St. Catharines home will likely sell for.

1) PACK!  Start packing personal items, which you know you’ll have to pack sooner or later anyway. This includes kick knacks, photos, souvenirs, awards, collections, etc, etc. Buyers should be able to imagine themselves in the space, and not be distracted by clues to your own family’s history and lifestyle.

2)  ADAPT YOUR LIFESTYLE!  You may have to adjust your daily routine to allow for buyers to arrive with minimal notice. You may want to make some rooms off limits, take out the garbage daily, make beds every morning, keep things generally more tidy than you might for your own use. If you can make preparing for a showing a daily routine habit, you will be less frustrated. We at D. W. Howard Realty too often have seen the unfortunate circumstance of buyers scheduling a last-minute showing, the home owner scrambles to prepare the home for the showing, and then the buyer will no-show or drive by and then decide to cancel right around the time they were supposed to have the tour.  Just as often, though, our D. W. Howard Realty agents will be out taking a buyer on a tour of a Ridgeway ON neighbourhood, the buyer spots your home for sale and it catches their eye, they want to see it right then, and this can lead to an offer.

3) REDECORATE!  Your decor should appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers. Neutral colours and subdued patterns on walls & floors allow your buyers to more easily picture themselves in the home. If redecorating makes it feel less like your home, that’s great!

4)  Ask your real estate agent for a report on recent comparable sales. This will help you make a logical decision on price, rather than an emotional decision. Also find out what other homes for sale are in your neighbourhood, so you know what you’re house is competing with.

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