30th Aug, 2012

Power Lines & Your Property Rights

Green energy, you’re all for that. ┬áBut what would you do if a wind farm was planning to install power lines near your property?

A group of Beamsville, Ontario residents has raised money and are ready to take proponents of a West Lincoln wind farm to court, after they proposed installing 80-foot-high power lines down Mountainview Rd., should they move ahead with the installation. Lincoln town council is also against the plan.

The wineries and residents near the proposed Mountainview Rd power line route prize their views of the natural scenery of the escarpment, and the power lines would negatively impact their real estate property values.

There will be more research done to see what other options are available besides running the 80-foot-high power lines, such as running buried lines, which would be much more expensive.

Iceland had a competition to redesign the traditional power line to beautify the landscape instead of scar it. Could this be an option for Beamsville?


I love that photo of the “beautified” power line towers.

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