We at D. W. Howard Realty are always excited to introduce people to the hidden paradise of Ridgeway Ontario, whether they are looking for Ridgeway homes, Ridgeway waterfront real estate, or Ridgeway rentals.

Ridgeway, Ontario, population 2,000, part of the Town of Fort Erie, downtown Ridgeway is located 2 kilometres south of Highway 3, and 14 kilometres southwest of Fort Erie.

Our beautiful small town has a rich history. Settlement began in the mid-1850s upon completion of the Buffalo and Lake Huron Railway between Fort Erie and Goderich on Lake Huron. The Battle of Ridgeway was fought nearby in 1860 during the Fenian Raids.

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Ridgeway was named for its location on Ridge Road, which follows the crest of a ridge that separates drainage south to Lake Erie and northeast to the Niagara River.

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At D. W. Howard Realty, we take time aside from selling Fort Erie homes, Crystal Beach cottages and Niagara Falls vacation property to put a dog water bowl outside for pedestrians walking their dogs past our office. We are animal lovers, and understand the stress and upset that your pets suffer when moving into a new home.

Here are some tips to ease your dog’s transition to a new home:

– Take your dog to the new location several times before moving day so he can familiarize himself to the sounds and smells.

– Limit your dog to a few rooms at a time until he/she gets used to the new home.

– Bring all of her toys, food dishes, bedding that she is used to.

– Try to spend a few days at the house with the dog.

– Talk to your vet if the dog is prone to separation anxiety and may find the move upsetting. Calming medication starting a few weeks before the move can ease the transition and calm the dog as he watches you prepare.

– Take your dog out for walks as often as possible after the move so she can get acquainted with the neighbourhood, while helping you meet new neighbours!

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We the staff at D. W. Howard Realty see firsthand how taking a little bit of time to prepare your home before putting it on the market can make a huge difference in the price your house can fetch, and the time it takes to sell it.

Help buyers fall in love with your home by following these tips:

– Clean, clean, and clean!

-Buff away any imperfections in the flooring

– De-clutter, and remove unnecessary extras.

– Rearrange furniture to establish better movement to a room, and better seating arrangements.

– Take down some accessories. Creating a simple style makes your home seem more spacious.

– Fix any cracks, damage and inconsistencies.

– Replace any bulbs that have gone out.

– Oil squeaky hinges.

– Consider a home inspection before putting your house on the market, so you are aware of any potential red flags.

– Repair chips in walls, and cracks in ceilings.

– Paint if necessary

– Change hardware or fixtures if they are dated.

– Remove dead or aging plants. Good use of plants, however, add life and beauty to a room.

– Enhance/polish furniture

– Clear out and organize storage areas and cabinetry, so these areas will appear larger to a buyer.

– Kitchens and bathrooms are worth putting money into updating. Click here for kitchen styling tips and tricks.

– Create a mood in each room. You’re selling a feeling, so make every effort to create a space everyone would enjoy living in.

– Consider your neighbourhood. If your area appeals to families, consider changing a home office into an additional bedroom.

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The 115-year-old Fort Erie Racetrack’s future has been uncertain since the 2011 announcement by the Province of Ontario that the slots will be taken away.  Additionally, the number of race days was slashed from 78 to 30, and many races transferred to Ajax Downs. 250 Fort Erie jobs lost.

With so many rumors and opinions flying around, we at D. W. Howard Realty strive to find out accurate and up-to-date news on this and other local issues which affect property values. Contact D. W. Howard Realty now for the latest updates and facts on what’s happening in Fort Erie, and how this may or may not be the most advantageous time for you to buy or sell Fort Erie property.

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Many of the buyers we at D. W. Howard Realty assist are  moving to tranquil Ridgeway, Fort Erie Ontario from the Toronto area. Many buyers start out as seasonal cottagers, who quickly fall in love with the Fort Erie area, and make it their permanent home. Most of these people are “empty-nesters” trying to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

The new townhomes by Grey Forest Homes are excellent quality upscale developments. Village on the Trail along Disher Street in Ridgeway is set in a serene location along the Friendship Trail, close to shopping and amenities of quaint Downtown Ridgeway and a 5 minute drive to Lake Erie beaches. These condominiums are bungalow-style with large bedrooms, ensuites, spacious decks, and garages.  You can have the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of for much less than what you would pay in the city. The homes are beautifully designed and landscaped, and condo fees include grass cutting, irrigagation systems, snow plowing, and roof maintenance – a fraction of what you’d pay to maintain a house, and it relieves the owner of the responsibility.

Love the idea but hate condo fees? Click here to learn about gated communities in Ridgeway/Crystal Beach Ontario. Also consider nearby Ridgeway by the Lake, an adult lifestyle community.

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Dec 21, 2012


The D. W. Howard Realty team wishes you a very Merry Christmas and happy and prosperous New Year!

We are available to serve your real estate needs, even over the holidays. Contact us now for answers to your questions or to set up an appointment to view Niagara Falls  homes for sale, Ridgeway homes, Crystal Beach lakefront homes, and more!

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Prime Rate 3.00%

Terms Posted Rates Best Rates
6 Months 4.45 3.95
1 Year 3.20 2.65
2 Years 3.55 2.69
3 Years 3.95 2.75
4 Years 4.64 3.09
5 Years 5.34 2.94
7 Years 6.35 3.69
10 Years 6.75 3.79
5 Year Variable 2.90 2.90

You can still purchase a new property with a 5% down payment.

There are cashback options which may be available to you. This can help you with closing costs, including the penalty to break your current mortgage if you have one. Click here to find out about & prepare for closing your new home.

Concerned about interest rates going up but want to take your time finding the right property? You can be pre-approved for a mortgage, and the lender will hold your current interest rate 120 days while you’re house shopping. This will protect you against possible interest rate hikes. Currently, though, we expect interest rates to remain stable for now.

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D. W. Howard Realty invites you to stop in at our Open House this Sunday December 16th 2-4 p.m. at 3 Promenade Way, Crystal Beach waterfront for sale inside the Tennis & Yacht Club. Contact D. W. Howard Realty now for directions or more information. See you there!

Please stop by 3701 Willson Street this Sunday December 9th between 2 and 4 p.m. for an open house hosted by Brian Hodge of D. W. Howard Realty.

Dec 7, 2012

Flames Across Niagara

D. W. Howard Realty is a South Niagara real estate brokerage ready to assist you with all of your real estate needs, whether buying or selling Fort Erie homes, Crystal Beach homes, Ontario waterfront property, Ridgeway homes, Niagara Falls homes, or Port Colborne homes. We have a rich history here, which is commemmorated in many of the War of 1812 events taking place.

This Saturday December 8th, 2012, the third annual Flames Across Niagara event will take place, where bonfires are lit on both the Canadian and American sides of the Niagara River to commemorate the “Burning of Black Rock” and the “Burning of Buffalo” when British and American soldiers set both communities to flames during the War of 1812.

In Fort Erie ON and Buffalo NY, bonfires will be lit directly across from each other and at the same time between 6 and 8 p.m. The fires will be lit at the Jarvis St. coal docks in Fort Erie and Squaw Island in Buffalo, beside the International Railway Bridge.

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