28th Dec, 2012

How to Prepare your Dog for the Big Move

At D. W. Howard Realty, we take time aside from selling Fort Erie homes, Crystal Beach cottages and Niagara Falls vacation property to put a dog water bowl outside for pedestrians walking their dogs past our office. We are animal lovers, and understand the stress and upset that your pets suffer when moving into a new home.

Here are some tips to ease your dog’s transition to a new home:

– Take your dog to the new location several times before moving day so he can familiarize himself to the sounds and smells.

– Limit your dog to a few rooms at a time until he/she gets used to the new home.

– Bring all of her toys, food dishes, bedding that she is used to.

– Try to spend a few days at the house with the dog.

– Talk to your vet if the dog is prone to separation anxiety and may find the move upsetting. Calming medication starting a few weeks before the move can ease the transition and calm the dog as he watches you prepare.

– Take your dog out for walks as often as possible after the move so she can get acquainted with the neighbourhood, while helping you meet new neighbours!

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