24th Jan, 2013

How to Make your Ontario Canada Home more Energy Efficient

Here at the D. W. Howard Realty real estate office in Ridgeway, Ontario, we are in the middle of a real blast of Ontario Canada winter. Here are some ways you can make your Ontario Canada home as energy-efficient as possible, so you can save money on your winter utility bills.

There are many ways to save on your winter utility bills!

– Replace siding on your home. You retain more heat if the seal on your home is tightened up. Look for and rapair holes and damages in your existing siding which could be causing air (and money) to leak out of your home.

– Add insulation. It prevents hot air (or cool air in summertime!) from escaping the house, like a down-filled jacket. If you have an older home, it may have lower quality insulation than what’s on the market now. The 2 most popular types are fiberglass batt insulation (less espensive), and spray foam insulation (more expensive but denser). Spray foam insulation is blown in from holes drilled into your walls (from inside or outside.)

– Replace windows. Even when windows are closed, they can allow quite a bit of air flow if they are older, single pain or in poor condition. Wood frame windows can expend & contract with weather changes, so are more subject to cracking & leaking. New windows are usually double paned and have a heat-resistant gas in between the 2 panes. There is also a UV film option to block sunlight, to help your home stay cooler in summer.

– Repair or replace HVAC system. Heating (or cooling) usually makes up half of a homeowner’s utility bill. Older systems just won’t run as efficiently as newer systems, since the technology is so much more advanced now. If buying a whole new system is out of the question, ensure that your air filters are clean to maximize efficiency and longevity. Furnaces can also be installed on a rental basis, much like a hot water tank.

– Consider heated flooring! Luxurious and cozy, radiant heating systems can also be a great investment in energy savings. Yes the entire floor would have to be replaced, but radiant heating can be placed under tile or hardwood. Heat is disperesed evenly across the floor, making it more efficient than a vent in just one corner of a room. With this type of heating, each room has its own heating controls, so you’re only paying to heat the rooms that you’re using.

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These improvements to your home will also impress a potential buyer, helping your home sell faster and for more money. Click here for more ideas on preparing your house to put on the market.  Contact D. W. Howard Realty now for an Opinion of Value report of what your Niagara Falls homes, Ridgeway homes, Fort Erie homes, or Port Colborne Ontario home might sell for.

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