2nd Jan, 2013

History of Niagara Falls Ontario & Interesting Niagara Falls Trivia

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The City of Niagara Falls Ontario Canada is within the Regional Municipality of Niagara, on the Niagara River and the QEW highway and the Niagara Parkway, and lies 20 kilometers southeast of St. Catharines. It is connected to Niagara Falls, New York by three bridges, the Rainbow, Whirlpool Rapids, and Cantilever bridges.

The Falls are 176 feet high

The first white man to discover Niagara Falls was Father Louis Hennepin. The reports he published back in Europe were grossly exaggerated, describing the height as 600 feet.

The first village in the area, formed in 1831 was Drummondville, named for Gen. Sir Gordon Drummond.

The Village of Clifton was started in 1832 by Captain Ogden Creighton.

The first bridge across the Niagara Gorge was built in 1848 by Samuel Zimmerman, who founded the Village of Elgin in 1855.

The post office was called Suspension Bridge and was established in 1852. In 1881 the post office name was changed to Niagara Falls.

The name Niagara that was assigned to the area comes from the First Nations word “Onghiara” or “Oniawgarah” which means “thundering waters.”

Niagara Area SkylineNiagara Falls at NightNiagara FallsNiagara Falls Area

In the late 1850’s Jean-Francois Gravelet of France (aka The Great Blondin) walked a tightrope across the gorge.  He expanded his act to include somersaults, walking blindfolded, and riding a bicycle. He also walked the tightrope with his hands and feet manacled, cooked an omelette, and once even lowered a rope to the Maid of the Mist, pulled up a bottle of Champagne, and drank it.

Annie Taylor was the first person to go over the Falls in a barrel in 1901. She was unhurt. Eight people have survived a plunge over the Falls in a variety of contraptions, (the list of those who have died is much longer.) Two have survived with no protective devices.

Scenic Niagara FallsNiagara Falls calls itself The Honeymoon City and in 2001 also claimed Easter Egg Hunt Capital of the World after an estimated 8,000 children competed against several hundred adults to find 254,000 Easter eggs hidden in Queen Victoria Park.

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