18th Oct, 2012

Fort Erie Wins National Communities-in-Bloom Competition

In the national competition of Communities-in-Bloom, Fort Erie Ontario was recognized as the winner last weekend, at an awards ceremony in Edmonton.

Fort Erie was judged in a category of towns and cities with populations ranging from 20,000 to 50,000. This award means that Fort Erie received higher scores than any other Canadian municipality in the same category in areas of tidiness, environmental action, urban forestry, heritage conservation, landscapes and floral display. Fort entered the competition for the first time in 2004 and this recent accomplishment is the brightest and most colorful received to date.

The national judges specifically recognized the efforts of the Crystal Beach Beautification Committee for the floral displays along Ridge and Erie Roads, the War of 1812 celebrations, the benefits of the adopt-a-park program and the museum’s efforts to preserve local heritage. Special recognition for the Point Abino Lighthouse Restoration was also received.

The national judges commended the municipality for being a place where community partners work together such as businesses, citizen groups, the Town, along with the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority. Fort Erie should be extremely proud of this outstanding accomplishment, as it is a direct result of the efforts of the entire community to make Fort Erie a better place.




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