12th Jul, 2012

Do Wind Turbines Cause Health Problems?

A single windmill can generate electricity for about 1000 homes, but is there a relationship between wind turbine noise and health effects for people living near wind power developments? Residents seem to think so.

Health Canada is aware of complaints from those across Canada living near wind turbines, due to the low frequency noise they generate, so in collaboration with Statistics Canada will conduct a research study, with the results published in 2014.

In Ontario, wind farms near residential homes have attracted protests[and lawsuits from homeowners over health claims and damage to property values. People could experience stress or irritation caused by the swishing sounds wind turbines produce. Modern wind turbines produce significantly less noise than older designs, however, and turbine designers work to minimise noise, as noise reflects lost energy and output.

In the United States, landowners typically receive $3,000 to $5,000 per year in rental income from each wind turbine, while farmers continue to grow crops or graze cattle up to the foot of the turbines.


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