7th Mar, 2013

Crystal Beach condos for sale June 2013

Bay Beach, Crystal Beach Ontario Gateway Project condos are to be marketed for sale in the near future, regardless of legal delays. D. W. Howard Realty is not involved with the marketing of these condos, but would be happy to chat about how this development might affect future values of Crystal Beach homes and cottages as well as Lake Erie waterfront homes. Contact D. W. Howard Realty now for the latest updates on this and other current issues that affect the value of Crystal Beach cottages, Fort Erie waterfront homes, Niagara Falls homes, Ridgeway homes, Lake Erie waterfront homes.

60 units or 70% of the total number of units must pre-sell before construction will be financed. Penthouse units will be around $700,000.  There are about 130 potential buyers registered to receive information as we get closer to spring.

Most recently, neighbors & other individuals have appealed the application for “title absolute” on the land. Title absolute is needed so that all pertinent legal information about the land is registered, and free from legal encumbrances. This is the fourth legal roadblock for the Bay Beach project partnership between Vince Molinaro, president of the Molinaro Group, and the Town of Fort Erie.

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I would like to receive information re registration for the Crystal Beach condos coming up for sale.

Hi Peter
We are not marketing these properties. We were approached (and were the first choice among agencies) of the developers to represent these new condos, but chose to decline for a number of reasons. Nonetheless, we continue to receive inquiries about the development so will do our best to keep on top of news and obtain accurate information, as it will affect the value of properties in the surrounding area.

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