19th Dec, 2012

Buying a new property? About interest rates…

If you are shopping for Fort Erie homes, Crystal Beach homes, Niagara Falls homes, or Port Colborne homes for sale, look no further than D. W. Howard Realty for all your real estate needs and contact us now for answers to your specific questions, including buying property on the other side of the border.


Prime Rate 3.00%

Terms Posted Rates Best Rates
6 Months 4.45 3.95
1 Year 3.20 2.65
2 Years 3.55 2.69
3 Years 3.95 2.75
4 Years 4.64 3.09
5 Years 5.34 2.94
7 Years 6.35 3.69
10 Years 6.75 3.79
5 Year Variable 2.90 2.90

You can still purchase a new property with a 5% down payment.

There are cashback options which may be available to you. This can help you with closing costs, including the penalty to break your current mortgage if you have one. Click here to find out about & prepare for closing your new home.

Concerned about interest rates going up but want to take your time finding the right property? You can be pre-approved for a mortgage, and the lender will hold your current interest rate 120 days while you’re house shopping. This will protect you against possible interest rate hikes. Currently, though, we expect interest rates to remain stable for now.

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