18th Aug, 2012

A Loveable Nuisance: The Legendary Crystal Beach Seagull

Grab a Timmy’s and park along the boat launching site at Crystal Beach’s Waterfront Park, and you’re sure to see Ring-bill gulls in all their glory. Not only are they the inspiration for our D. W. Howard Realty logo, gulls are amazingly adaptable creatures to be admired.

Most of the gulls we see in Ridgeway/Crystal Beach lately are Ring billed gulls, which have taken over territory from our larger Herring Gull. Although they are migratory birds, many stay in the area, since the Niagara River never fully freezes up.

Omniverous scavengers, found everywhere from the margins of Antarctica to further north than you’d ever want to go, we imagine gulls will be hanging around long after we humans have destroyed ourselves.

Gulls can get awfully:

OLD –  The oldest (recorded) gull was a Herring Gull which lived to be 49.

INTELLIGENT – The Herring Gull has been seen using tools, such as using bread to bait fish.

VICIOUS – A colony will group together in a mob to attack predators or intruders.

HUMAN – Opening a bag of Doritos to snack on with friends at the beach before going for a dip in the lake.

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